Grégoire Saucy

Pilot F3

"A winner is
a dreamer who
never gives up"

Nelson Mandela

Magnificent 2nd place in Melbourne

Arriving early enough in Melbourne, Grégoire digested the time difference perfectly and took a superb 2nd place in the Sunday race.

I want to thank the team because the balance of the car was really nice. I was really confident with it and I really like this kind of balance. I didn’t have a very good start, but I managed to defend my position and keep the P2. After that, we made a gap with Gabriel. I was still in his DRS but I never passed him, I had no opportunity to pass him. He was quite fast on the straight and I was a bit quicker on the corner, but it was really difficult. I’m really happy with P2, it’s good points and now we have to work to find a bit more of a gap to be quicker in the next one.

Since the beginning of the season and also since the test, I’m always in the top five except for the two Sprint Races, because it’s an inverted grid. That’s really good. We have to keep this until the end of the season and now we have to find the solution. I was P3 in Bahrain, and P2 here, so we have to find the gap to make the pole at the next one.