Grégoire Saucy

Pilot F3

"A winner is
a dreamer who
never gives up"

Nelson Mandela

difficult weekend at the circuit of Barcelona

Author of a tenth qualifying time on Friday, Grégoire therefore started from the second row of the starting grid on Saturday. For a long time, until the 14th of 21 laps, he held 4th position, before an overheating of his tires caused him to make a mistake at the exit of a bend. While 3rd place seemed possible for him a few moments earlier, Saucy, 9th on the finish line, then had to fight with all his energy to stay in the top 10 of this sprint race won by the British from the Prema Zak O’Sullivan.
But the day was not over for him. At the start of the evening, he received a 10-second penalty following a protest filed by the Prema, which considered that the Swiss had committed a fault on his pilot Dino Berganovic. The Italian team was heard by the commissioners, who therefore demoted Grégoire to 23rd place.
Sunday Day proved to be just as frustrating. Starting from the fifth row, the Vadais occupied 11th place for a long time, before passing the German Goethe in the 19th of 25 laps. But the driver of the Trident team, in the maneuver, touched his front wing the left rear tire of car number 8: puncture! Saucy was forced to pit, change wheels and set off again to finish... 27th!

"It's a shame, because I had managed to manage my race well, to avoid too much deterioration of my tires and I frankly think that I was on track to gain a few more places", sighed a Grégoire Saucy, very disappointed. Goethe, on the other hand, received a 10-second penalty... which was a great leg up for the Jura player!
It is not an unsuccessful weekend that will alter the confidence and ambition of Grégoire Saucy. The Formula 3 driver Vadais did not make any points on the Barcelona circuit this weekend during the 4th round of the World Championship. However, the Jura player will not stop there and intends to bounce back from the next Grand Prix at the beginning of July on the Austrian circuit.