Grégoire Saucy

Pilot F3

"A winner is
a dreamer who
never gives up"

Nelson Mandela

A promising race weekend turns into a nightmare in Austria

On the Austrian Spielberg circuit, the Jura driver was racing towards victory when the Estonian Paul Aron punctured his right rear tire.

Another nightmarish weekend for Grégoire Saucy, Saturday and Sunday in Spielberg, Austria, during the fifth round of the Formula 3 World Championship.

After setting the fastest qualifying time on Friday, the driver from Bassecourt was knocked out by Briton Luke Browning (Hitech) on Saturday during the sprint race, then by Paul Aron (Prema) on Sunday morning during the main race, while that he was in second place and that he might be well on his way to victory. Infuriating.

“The bad luck definitely seems to be on me,” commented the Art Grand Prix driver hotly. "I was about to pass Beganovic and take the lead when Aron touched my right rear tire with his wing. The puncture was instantaneous. Without looking for an excuse, it is clear that it was the fault of 100% Estonian"

And yet, in Styria, Saucy had barely made it until this unfortunate collision. Starting in pole position, the Jura driver immediately took the lead in the race, and did not leave it until the 6th lap, before being overtaken by the Swede Dino Beganovic (Prema) in the seventh. It was on the 11th lap that Aron came to ruin the hopes of Vadais, when the latter seemed able to pass in front of Beganovic, whose tires were beginning to show serious signs of exhaustion.

 "Beganovic had burnt his tyres, and I was ready to go back in front. But there you go..."